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Good day, dear user. We are glad, that you've decided to try our service POCKET TEACHER!!!

Pocket Teacher - is artificial intelligence, that can solve for you almost any algebra task(it solves 98% of tasks) and will show solution with details!

We have a very powerful solver, it can pass the enter exams to higher education institutions!

We are suitable for everyone who studies math

We solve problems from various branches of mathematics of any complexity: it doesn’t matter, you study at school or university. The coverage of mathematics is constantly growing.

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Artificial Intelligence

Does it seem like an unsolvable equation? Entrust him with Pocket Teacher! The site is based on the latest developments in the field of artificial intelligence and easily passes exams to universities!

Let the math come with you

The purpose of this project is to help students: schoolchildren, applicants and students in the study of such difficult discipline, like mathematics. Sometimes it is difficult to solve a particular problem. Each of us at least once in life came across the following situations:

Our service will help in all such cases. After all, we show you not only the answer for the task  but also a detailed solution with comments. This will help to understand the solution and learn how to solve similar problems by yourself. Try it and you will understand that learning has become fun, and academic performance has increased.

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Pocket Teacher team wishes you success. Let the math come with you...

Our artificial intelligence solves complex math problems in seconds.

We will solve your exam, homework, olympiad problems with detailed steps. You will need just to copy the solution.

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